Specialist Autism Spectrum Photography

autism spectrum photography

My passion for capturing the beauty of the everyday started the second I became a mother. But a few years later, when our youngest son Felix was born, I felt the need to document our lives even more.

Felix was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum and is both a constant challenge and a source of wonder and education for me. He is so different to my other two sons, our lives are busier and time passes ever faster.

I want to freeze the beauty of our experiences together now more than ever, and I love to capture the emotion of the moment which can change so suddenly and without warning.

Post-diagnosis I made a promise to myself to document the beauty of all people on the spectrum.

Autism doesn’t take away but enhances.

I want to give families priceless images that they can cherish forever. Our children grow up so fast, and we are caught up in their care and wellbeing, sometimes missing what is right before our eyes. I can help capture those most precious expressions and smiles that your child saves for you, and give you something that you will be able to treasure.

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autism spectrum photography