School Photography

School photography

School photos don’t have to be stiff and awkward.

I love to work with children and I provide genuine and timeless school portraits. I don’t subscribe to the traditional cheesy school pictures we have become accustomed to, with bright flashes and unflattering backgrounds.

To capture the true personality of each child I simply let them be who they are. I don’t ask them to put their hands in their pockets or sit a certain way. I don’t get them to make silly poses and you won’t hear me ask them to say “cheese!”

Each child will be provided with 2-5 images, presented in both colour and black and white. The family may chose the photos they want printed, as opposed to having a pose chosen for them.

I work with each individual school to schedule shoots at any time during the academic year. The school photo is something all families love to receive and are often distributed to grandparents and other relatives. Parents love to receive really good photos of their children so why not try something a little bit different for your school.

If you would like more information, please contact me.

School photography