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Mummy & Me Photo Sessions

The other day, P!NK declared on INSTAGRAM that she wants her husband to take more photos of her with the kids, “just so people know (she) exists.”

As a mother, i can truly sympathize. Unsurprisingly (given my passion for photography), there are thousands of photos of my husband with the kids, but very few of me with them.

The ones I do have tend to be awkwardly posed selfies or shots that I had to nag my husband to take! I have often felt “left out” when looking through family photo albums. Sob sob…

So! if you are reading this and you rarely (or never) take pictures of your spouse with the kids: go paparazzi on them! Even if her hair is a mess and she thinks she doesn’t look pretty. Because that moment that you’re capturing is important and she’ll thank you for it. And in 15 years, so will your kids.

Alternatively, book a “MUMMY & ME” Photo Shoot

All you mummies out there capturing everyday memories for your families. I know you look back at the pictures from every holiday and every birthday party and wonder… “will my kids even know i existed when they look back at their photo albums?”

Now is the time to make sure you have some beautiful, cuddly, sweet images of you with the best thing that ever happened to you… Your kids!

‘Mummy and Me’ sessions are a perfect keepsake, and create great Father’s Day gifts for the hubby, and other extended family members.

They are short, simple, fun, sweet and i promise you I will make you look your best!

Please contact me to book.

Mummy & Me Photo Shoot